Fleet Services

SSA has worked to solve and deliver cost savings automotive products to reduce the cost of ownership for Military and Government Fleet Services.

We are proud to serve U.S. Military, Government and Municipal Motor Vehicle Fleets. As a Veteran Owned Company, we understand the need for cost saving products that truly work and fit with Auto Makers protocol and agreements.

We work with Companies whose products are designed to meet the highest quality and performance standards of the Auto Industry while reducing total cost of ownership for the Fleet.

Working and consulting with top US Automotive companies GM, Ford & Chrysler directly, SSA monitor and incorporates their technology to help meet the changing requirements of fleet operations for our clients.

SSA is dedicated to fleet sustainment solutions, we work with our partners to finds cost effective environmentally friendly products for the safety of communities we serve.

With over 75 years of combined knowledge of Military Fleet Service experience, we have access to over 7000 products, tools and customized service-solutions to offer the Military and Government Fleet Service.

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Fleet Services

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