Municipal cleaning

For the COVID-19 cleaning challenges of Municipal operations, SSA offers Viral Defence, a professional COVID-19 cleaning service.

Viral Defence is an EPA N List Sanitation a Covid-19 Sanitation & prevention service.

Since the COVID19 outbreak, we have been providing daily disinfection services to help businesses stay healthy and productive. Our Atomized EPA N list disinfectant/ Sanitizer services will assure your business stays clean & operational during these trying times.

We use an Ultra-concentrated, quat-based sanitizer, disinfectant, deodorizer and virucide. Formulated with a neutral ph, broad-spectrum antimicrobial to kill bacteria that can cause illness on, porous & non-porous surfaces.

How much would a Covid -19 infection cause your business?

Protect your business from being shut down for weeks.

Give Viral Defence a call and rest assured your business will be cleaned quickly to ensure safety on your next business day.

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