Road & Transportation Products

Finding Environmentally friendly, Biodegradable formula is not always easy but our goal and that of Governments in the Northwest is to be good Stewarts of the Lands.

SSA works hard to source environmentally friendly solutions. We specialize in the process of surface application systems and specialty chemical treatments. From the beginning to the end, our team works to provide on-site assessments, consultation, concept and design, installation, product application, and on-going service and maintenance to help provide solutions for your challenge.

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Covid-19 Solutions

Providing low cost solution for Covid-19 sanitation. with EPA N list products


Sourcing raw materials for Farming nutrients

Fleet Services

Sourcing additives to extend the life of a vehicle, bringing down the cost of ownership

Municipal cleaning

Cleaners and Sanitation products to disinfect and protect our municipal buildings

Road & Transportation Products

Products to keep our roads safe and efficient